The clouded mindset

From the naif days buzzing with creatively yet crazy ideas in changing the world, to the then political scheming world of corporate, life have been filled with surprises. Sitting down in a cafe reflecting back, there are 2 questions that pop-ed out in mind?

  1. Am I still on track fulfilling the Dream & Vision I have set?
  2. Is my mindset too clouded with details over guts execution?

Well, I guess time will answer the questions. Deep down, I have never forgotten the dream that I have embarked on. the methodology & journey may have tweaked a little but the direction is and will be the very same.

Reflecting without disturbance is much needed and mindset have been cleared & refocus thanks to some sunlight, coffee, great song & urban farms. Cheers

#Scheming World Revolution #GetShitDone

Till then…

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