Mervynn & Khwan Wedding

Dear Families & Friends,
Welcome to Mervynn & Khwanruethai Wedding on
23rd June 2018 (Saturday) at Four Points Sheraton Penang.
Below is the softcopy of invitation card for your perusal.

M&K Wedding


There is a shuttle bus service provided by Four Points by Sheraton to bring guests from the Caltex Car Park to the hotel and vice versa and it is complimentary

*Alternatively, you can choose valet parking at the hotel FOC

Hotel Map 1

Thanks & See you guys there! Cheers.

Much Thanks,
Mervynn & Khwanruethai


Next Innovation!

Next Innovation!
What comes to mind…..

“Failure is not an option here, if things are not falling, You are not innovating enough!” – Elon Musk

“There is no substitute for innovation. Original revolutionary ideas will always rise to the TOP” – Richard Branson

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” – Steve Jobs

“We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” – Albert Einstein

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The clouded mindset

From the naif days buzzing with creatively yet crazy ideas in changing the world, to the then political scheming world of corporate, life have been filled with surprises. Sitting down in a cafe reflecting back, there are 2 questions that pop-ed out in mind?

  1. Am I still on track fulfilling the Dream & Vision I have set?
  2. Is my mindset too clouded with details over guts execution?

Well, I guess time will answer the questions. Deep down, I have never forgotten the dream that I have embarked on. the methodology & journey may have tweaked a little but the direction is and will be the very same.

Reflecting without disturbance is much needed and mindset have been cleared & refocus thanks to some sunlight, coffee, great song & urban farms. Cheers

#Scheming World Revolution #GetShitDone

Till then…


In the times where the world are getting connected and move swiftly with the power of internet, some trends could go obsolete if actions and executions are not done in time.

Therefore for startups to pivot and get the profit model that suits them will be a constant thing to do. A reminder to not get into the trap of thinking you are having the best product in the world but rather try to emulate a sustainable model that can grasp the current needs of your targeted customer Group.

Never afraid to pivot if you feel the startup have lost its magic, maybe, the next changes would the best ever tactics you have ever employed.

Have a great 2015!


Co-Working Space

Last Sunday, I was working on a project when a insurance company manager was chatting with me over his customer that has non-stop claims and his staff are constantly on a high-stress level with all the paperworks

It was then an idea come across my mind.

What if..

A Coffee House is the Insurance Company or Insurance Agency.

So u can walk it to buy a cup of coffee, co-work and chat over a brilliant set up atmosphere. Putting emotional into the everyday corporate life..since insurance agent is always on the go..why not have a coffee shop like environment rather than too corporate design to increase the morale..

Farm Revolution

Ever thought that one day your house/office/factory or car can be a food production unit on its own?

The best part..

You need to be lazy! Very Lazy because you are not needed to do anything except harvesting your herbs, vegetables, fruits and fishes.

Devil’s Farm – has the vision in making every single place a food production unit (Victory Garden – not your average garden) and starting with the first City – Penang.

Why fear doomsday when you have self food production right on your rooftop, your bedroom, or even your car. It can be creatively done or luxury depending budget but it is certainly healthy, green and sustainable.

The Impulse of Buying

Recently, I have been chatting with an established uncle-entrepreneur, he say to clinch a deal is easy but you must find answers to 3 questions.

Why Buy Anything?

Why Buy Me?

Why Buy Now?

So why sometimes we keep hitting the bush when we can’t even answer the 3 basic questions that get us an instant deal?


Tedx Gurney Drive’12!

Hey Guys,

Tedx Gurney Drive will be in town for the second consecutive year!

This year the team promise to bring a new, fresh and exciting speakers to stir the Penang Scene.

Currently tentative date is set on 8th of December 2012 – 2 more months to go!


Are you prepared? ONlY 100 exclusive participants are allowed!


More Updates to follow!

Updates before 25!

I have never thought that I would sleep 4 hours per day!

OK, I think everyone will have a busy time right before they jump into the million dollar year-age of 25!

It is now or never.

Last month has been pretty busy and awesomely excited.

Some updates from last month.

1. I started to blog again!

2. Our long awaited Devil’s Farm nutrition lab has been set up!

3. Atif has been back from Australia! Gonna meet him up.

4. The mess in Devil’s Den has been cleared and properly set up!

5. Curry Khoo, one of the co-founder has got his second kid – making him more eager to get things done!

6. Met and team up with Teh Teng Yew who is eager to launch the second Tedx Gurney Drive in Penang!

7. Having a secret brainstorm session in the secret hideout in Damansara Uptown with Kent.

8. Helping Weng Seong to revamp his website Girl

9. Re-connect with Ming Koong from KK to bring his fresh seaweed to west coast. (A million-dollar venture maybe? haha)

10. The recent malaysia record holder Michael Teoh came to Devil’s Den and interested to bring our urban farming concept back to his dad tution center. (seriously?)

11. Gonna get a managerial position in Tokio Marine – (with more power, come more responsibilities!)

12. Test-driving BMW and Kia K5 (which is better in value?)

13. Have a great Sunday morning chat with the COO of HRO-V Sdn Bhd , William Khoo – has been superb having open 5 new offices around Kl last month.

14. Have chat with Prof. Ng from USM about our direction in the award winning idea we have come out 8 years back in commercialising it.